The NCE Course

The N.C.E course is a 24 month course that you buy in two parts. You buy the first year first and pay with monthly installments.

After the first year, you may decide if you want to continue for another year to deepen your knowledge of how your brain works and to keep your biological mental foundation permanently balanced.

This course is specifically aimed at teaching you how your brain works biologically and what effect it has on your feelings, thinking and actions.

We make the explicit distinction in this course between your unique singular biological identity and the multiple social identities learned by your educators. This imbalance between your two personalities, provides the permanent foundation of your personal imbalance and of people in general.

We have a free section available for you, so that you can explore at your own pace the feeling you get from the information we provide. By signing up via the registration form, you will gain access to that first FREE section.

This course is bought by anyone who wants to know more about how their own brain works and how other people’s brains work.

The SHIN Course

This is a specific course for people seeking the connection between their inner spirituality and brain knowledge.

The SHIN course is short. Only three months and containing 6 lessons. You can also purchase the course all at once instead of paying monthly. In that way you can do the course at a much shorter pace and learn more quickly where you stand and how your self-image is formed.

Over 85% of this course is purchased by women who seek the visible connection between spirituality and brain knowledge.

Customers who buy this course, in more than 90% of the cases, have already taken many other courses such as: psychology, mindfulness, EMDR, family constellations, psych-K, spirituality, dream reading, neurofeedback and many more.

The essence of this course is to teach you how to be truly holistic in a society that clearly does NOT propagate that.

Click HERE to sign up for the SHIN course. Choose whether you like to pay per month, or at once for all six lessons with a discount of €100.

The start of developing your real biological ‘Self’

Today is the first day that you start your personal development from the real biological cause. Your DNA and upbringing together formed your pre-programming, as with all humans on this planet, and thus these are also the cause of feelings, actions and behavior.

Because we blindly copy the socially driven methods we learned from our ancestors, this pre-programming usually does not go well. After all, your educators were raised in a very different time and situation. They learned nothing about how our brain works. That little organ in our head that feels, records, stores, conceives and executes everything.

This SparkWise Academy neuroscience-based video learning method, consists of 24 online components.  After the monthly depreciation of €100 you get access to the next part each time. All parts are connected and you keep access to all previous parts as long as you pay.

We wish you a lot of fun, knowledge building and understanding about how your brain works and how to create the better version of yourself.

SparkWise Academy Team

You have not watch the intoduction video, to get free course access watch the video here