The Story of SparkWise Academy

As we move forward into the next century, personal development based on in-depth
brain knowledge will create and empower a new generation of leaders, who will empower others

– Eddie Tjon Fo –

The rapid social change

Everybody with access to the digital information highway, has access to the same intelligence as their parents, teachers, leaders, professors, coaches and mentors. Yet personal development scores around 3 billion searches in Google in our current era. Why? Because humans need to know whether the information provided is relevant. In fact our brain checks every millisecond if new information is more relevant than information already stored in the brain archive system.

We don’t KNOW yet whether new information provided is relevant, but we FEEL if that new information is relevant. That internal alert and checking system instantly FEELS whether we should spend time to learn and store that new information. This was the reason why Eddie Tjon Fo founded SparkWise Academy with an international team of experienced neuroscientific experts.

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We built this company for our course members to benefit from our brain knowledge, so they can learn, introduce and share it with other humans

Share what you know first, to receive back


Providing neuroscientific value added brain knowledge courses to educate and empower our independent course members to achieve the balanced life they want and deserve to live


Knowing where you come from and where you are today is not enough. In our current fast society you must exactly understand your direction to achieve your goals of happiness


SparkWise Academy educates people from all over the World to learn basic brain knowledge. Knowledge they need to educate themselves and others to create a better balanced life

 We Have Set The Industry Standard

Our online brain knowledge course provides you the right knowledge, to master the lifestyle you desire

World Class Knowledge and Educational Tools

You will be representing unique value laden educational tools and services, which help you to deliver results you will be proud of

Smart Training and Support Team

From personal development up to company work force education, our courses will provide you with superior training tools

Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Turnover

Create a serious periodic residual income, make money while educating yourself and others through our 2-tier Affiliate Program

What the Academy Founder says:

“Through our courses we create in-depth brain knowledge in common people with a focus on creating structural happiness. During our courses people start realizing what they don’t know about the functioning of their brains. They also start to realize what they don’t understand of the working of the brains of others. They realize how incredibly important this little organ is when it comes to realizing a well balanced life and success creation in all aspects of life”.

-Eddie Tjon Fo-

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