Frequently asked questions

What does SparkWise exactly do?
Among other things, SparkWise develops on- and offline training programs to help people gain more knowledge about the biological functioning of the human brain. In addition, we coach, mentor and train business executives. We also train coaches, psychologists, mentors and HR executives to become N.C.E certified coaches who use brain knowledge to help people become the better version of themselves.

How long does such an online brain knowledge course/education take?
The total course consists of two parts of 12 months and costs €100 per month. You will first start with a one year agreement for just 12 months. After one year you may decide if you like to continue for another year to deepen your brain knowledge. After the first year you can stop whenever you like on one months notice. Every month you will receive an extensive part of the course. These parts are based on human life from conception to our natural death.

What exactly do I learn in this online course/education?
Among basic brain knowledge, you will learn why you feel the way you feel and do the way you do. You will learn why hormones are responsible for your feelings, why your feelings are responsible for your thinking and acting/behavior. You learn who you are as a human being and how that is intended from your biology.

Do I get a certificate or diploma at the end?
Yes you will receive a certificate of participation with a score after 24 months, after you have taken the online exam.

Can I introduce new people and will that help me financially?
Yes you can introduce new people directly from your admin back office account. We also have an automatic affiliate program that gives you monthly ongoing commissions on the people you introduce. In this way you will be able to have the course for free.

To what extent is your knowledge and information scientifically based?
We’ve written a neuroscience book called ‘Why of Everything’ that was ranked #1 in self-help books worldwide at Amazon within 10 days. We are not scientists ourselves, but researchers and as of 2013 we have worked with 63 scientists on an international level to support our book as much as possible scientifically.

Where can I find your book ‘Why of Everything’?
Our book is available online both digitally and in print via For the Dutch and Benelux market, orders for the printed book can be placed via this link
Or you can order the book directly from our Dutch offices through THIS LINK

Do you have an introduction video, or page, where I can see more of the online course?
Yes right after the introduction video of 30:31 minutes, you’ll be directed to the free course. Just click this VIDEO LINK to sign up and view the free introduction video.

Do I see or hear what the course looks like in that video?
Yes you see examples of the course. Or to get an instant idea watch our course page.

Can I also try a free part of the course first?
Yes, after watching the intro video you’ll be directed to try the free lesson of the N.C.E course. This allows you to experience for yourself what the quality of the information is that we provide in the paid version of the course.