Generate a monthly passive income as a SparkWise affiliate

Promote the FREE N.C.E. course in your network
Promote the FREE course and attract paying and independent course participants. That way you can have your total N.C.E. course for FREE. Many of our trainees introduce new trainees. By doing so, they receive a recurring monthly affiliate commission as long as the new member pays. The combination of gaining brain knowledge while making money has positively changed their lives and the lives of others around the world by introducing SparkWise Academy Knowledge as widely as possible to their personal and business network.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a great way to spread quality products or services faster on an international level. Word of mouth is the most provisioned way to create believe, knowledge and trust. Why? Because active course members are telling you what they personally experience in real life by studying our brain knowledge course. Therefore they have a fair, open and transparent opinion. This is far stronger than if we as SparkWise would be telling you our methode is excellent. We leave that up to our active course members worldwide from all kinds of cultures, languages and countries to share their true experiences with you.

Affiliate Leadfunnels plug and play and links
We have developed several lead funnel structures to help you build your online business by introducing brain knowledge to others. We believe in combining knowledge content and technology. That’s why we’ve developed a plug-and-play system for each course member to become an affiliate. Our marketing department can even help you set up an automated professional international affiliates program. Please direct your request email for more information on setting up a fully automated affiliate lead funnel structure, to our admin at: we will explain what you need to set up and how it works.

Two Affiliate links
We have developed two affiliate links for you to choose from, or you can promote both.
For the FREE affiliate program for our book: “Why of Everything” in English and Dutch, go to this LINK
For the free course that can lead to the annual N.C.E course go to this LINK

Additional income
Now that society is changing rapidly and financial security is under pressure, it might be a good idea to research for other sources of income that don’t need to be sold. We don’t want you to sell our course. We want you to SHARE our course, after you have become enthousiastic by educating yourself with more brain knowledge through our course. In reality this will be your natural behavior by gaining this new knowledge and therefore will SHARE the brain knowledge in a natural way in your surroundings.

Share your referral links with all people you know and they will automatically be connected to your personal account and you will become their guiding ‘sponsor’. By sponsor we mean your are the first line for their personal questioning. The fun part from this community vision is that all members are communicating with each other about brain related issues. If they become paying members, you will instantly receive 30% monthly ‘fast start’ commissions from the first month.

Periodically training in becoming an online entrepreneur
In our 90 days affiliate marketing training program, “The Rule of Six”, worth of €2450, we train paying members FOR FREE, who like to become an online entrepreneur. We help you to get started in the first 90 days after becoming a paid member. Ask you sponsor, the one who has introduced you to SparkWise, for their referral link to learn and experience the step-by-step program.

Community building
We strive to build a large international community with brain knowledge educated people. The purpose is to give them the brain knowledge and tools needed to enhance their peers in receiving brain knowledge. By doing so, they can help each other to become the best possible version of oneself. In our lives it is important to awaken to all the new opportunities that arise in the current society. We need to less trust in politics and have to learn to trust more in taking responsibilities ourselves.

A better internal balance
We have experienced that all of the people we have educated extensively, have grown into a better internal balance structure. In addition they have become better educators, teachers, coaches, mentors, parents, love and business partners. This new neuroscientific driven knowledge, helps you to become a more successful person in every aspect of your life. You will instantly feel and understand what the importance of your essential inner balance between subconscious and conscious is and how it will make you a structurally well-balanced human being.

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