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Our Independent course members have changed their lives and the lives of others around the world positively by sharing the SparkWise Academy Knowledge

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to spread good products or services faster on an international level. Word of mouth is the most provisioned way to create believe, knowledge and trust. Why? Existing course members are telling you what they experience in real life in the course. They are educating themselves and their loved ones with this course. And so they are creating a fair and transparent opinion.

Far stronger than if we are telling you our methode is excellent. We leave that up to our real course members worldwide from all kinds of cultures, languages and countries to share their experiences with you.

We are convinced that our shared new discovered neuroscientific knowledge is that good for everyone , it will spread like wild fire among our current, both local and international oriented,  course members  and new their introduced affiliates.

Our information is authentic and helps you to feel and see life from your biochemical brain’s point of view and therefore differently. You’ll learn how biochemistry is steering your brain. Our N.C.E (Neural Cause and Effects) method creates new knowledge, which in turn creates emotional and rational balance, which in turn creates new finding or answers and it will help you to duplicate your new findings.

We have experienced that most of the people we have educated, have grown into better educators, teachers, coaches, mentors, parents, love partners and business partners.

This new knowledge helps you to become a more successful person in every aspect of life. You will understand what the importance of the inner balance between subconscious and conscious is and how it will make you a well-balanced human being.

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