After completing the form below, you will have access to one free part of the course without any obligation after watching the introduction video. This way you can experience for yourself how our brain learning program is structured.

But there is more.
After registration and becoming a member, you can also invite friends, girlfriends, colleagues or family members for the free course part. Perhaps you know other people who are interested in building more brain knowledge. Having more brain knowledge means, building more emotional balance in your life. So give them that gift, the course part is FREE!!!

It works very simply and can be done in two ways.

Method 1
In the top menu go to My Account > in the left submenu go to ‘Invite New People’ and simply fill in their email address, first and last name in the boxes and click send.

Method 2
In the sub menu go to ‘Referral Invitation’, copy the invitation link via the blue button and paste this long link in a messenger, text, whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, mail or other online message and then the invitee will receive an invitation from you.

Have fun learning and claim your quarterly certificates each three months!!!

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