Lack of Brain Knowledge

From our birth to around 27 years of age, we have been educated to learn how to execute our profession in society. We learn to talk, to calculate, to write and to read. We learn languages and a profession. We learn to behave as good as possible with other humans. We learn all kinds of social rules and regulations. The one thing we don’t learn, is the essence of our being as a human. The biochemical working of DNA and our brain functions. Our brain, that little organ residing in our head and responsible for all decisions we make day and night. Weird right?


SparkWise Academy gives, through Neuroscience, answers to questions humans create during their lifetime since birth. SparkWise Academy teaches through Neuroscience how our brain operates. How feelings are created. How our DNA works together with our brain and body. How we can take control over our personal situation. Our happiness, relations, education, hobby’s, the daily choices we make in our lives. Isn’t it mega interesting to discover this new path of knowledge?


General balance

Is this only about subconscious feelings or our intelligence? No!! This is about the most important structure of all, the general balance between our emotions (feelings) and ratio (intelligence). It makes us who we are, how we feel and how we behave. How we educate our children, how we respond as a partner in a love relation. It discloses what we have never learned in school, or from our educators. Without this knowledge we might do our best possible and still do it completely wrong.

With a core focus on introducing our brain knowledge course in your inner circle,  you will help yourself and others to live the relaxed balanced lifestyle you deserve 

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