Our book ‘Why of Everything’ became a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the English version.

We wrote ‘Why of Everything’ in the English version entirely under our own management. We have since translated the English version of ‘Why of Everything’ into Dutch (2022). You can order ‘Why of Everything-Dutch’ in the printed version directly from us via the website HERE.

Place your BOOK ORDER via this registration page and make your choice for the English book or the Dutch translation in the ORDER MODULE.

Tell-a-Friend commission
If after reading you find the book insanely interesting and want to make your friends, colleagues or family aware of our book, please make use of the FREE Tell-a-Friend program. If you sell a book through the Tell a Friend program, you will receive a net commission from us. We pay out a commission up to 75% of our actual net profits. We send the book for free to your ‘friend’ via PostNL in the Netherlands and to the rest of the world.

Personal Tell-a-Friend back office
You can find your affiliate status and sales in your personal Tell-a-Friend backoffice, after login. Your backoffice keeps track of how many books you have sold and how much commission you have earned. Our affiliate Tell-a-Friend program is very interesting for influencers, people with a blog who recommend books, psychologists, coaches, mentors who lead discussion groups in personal development through building more brain knowledge. Love partners who want to improve their relationship, or parents who want to raise their adolescents more easily with less domestic conflicts.

But also in the business market for CEOs, business owners or Human Resource Managers who want to help their employees to get better in their balance status. Improving brain knowledge can be applied wherever people are. After all, we are born with a lack of brain knowledge and we suffer from it more than we realize.

We hope you enjoy reading our book and we would love to hear what you think of our book ‘Why of Everything’ after you have finished it and what our information has meant for your self-image.

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