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After registration you can also immediate invite friends, girlfriends, colleagues or family members for their own free course part. Perhaps you know other people who are interested in building more brain knowledge. Having more brain knowledge means, building more emotional balance in your life. So give them that gift, the course part is FREE!!!

It works very simply and works like this:
In the top menu go to My Account > in the left submenu go to ‘Invite New People’ fill in their email address, first and last name in the boxes and click send. Have fun learning and claim your quarterly certificates each three months!!!

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As a thank you for signing up for our FREE course part, you will also become an affiliate of the English and Dutch versions of our books “Why of Everything” completely free of charge. We have noticed that many people want to buy our book and offer it to family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

By logging in via this link: you can copy your personal referral URL at ‘Affiliate URL’ and send it to the people to whom you want to offer our book. They can then order the book through that link. You will then receive commission of up to 75% of our net profit in your personal affiliate account.

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