The SHIN course Dutch version
Excellent that you are interested in the topic spirituality and brain knowledge. We have bridged these two topics very extensively in the SHIN course, in 6 comprehensive parts. We are using video, questions, tips, assignments and live experiments. This way you can individually ‘feel’ what the new information does to your mindset.

You can choose to pay per month, or you also can pay for all 6 course parts at once. If you choose the one-off payment, you’ll receive a special introduction discount. Click on the buttons below to go to the payment page where you can pay with IDEAL or Credit Card. Enjoy the SHIN course and keep us posted on what you think of it.


Choose between two options:

Option 1:
You can pay monthly €80 per month, for a max period of three months. Plus a one off signup fee of €10 to setup the banking structure to withdraw the €80 per month automatically from your bank with IDEAL or through CreditCard.
Option 2:
You may use our temporarily all-in introduction price of €150. All six lessons are included at once and you will enjoy an introduction discount of €100.

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