Click with your right mouse button on the poster/image and copy each of the posters on the pages below.

Use them all freely on LinkedIn, your social media, in Email, in Messenger or Whatsapp, to promote your personal Invitation Link. From the dashboard, copy and add your: My Account > Referral Invitation > Invitation link to the poster/image, to invite your people directly to the FREE 7:38 minutes introduction video!

They then will be instantly connected to your referral link once they’ve signed up for the FREE intro video. Once signed up, you’ll find them in your: Dashboard > Referral invitations.

If they have not received the invitation, just click on the blue re-invite button. The list of posters will be expanded so now and then, so that your marketing can reach both general and specific audiences!

Test all posters out to experience which results in the best conversions. Share that knowledge with the members in your team. Mail us for more images and poster ideas!

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