Chapter 1: Have you ever wondered?

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Welcome Sparkwise to our N.C.E. (Neural Cause & Effects) training. In this 24-part course you will learn what you DO NOT know about the functioning of your brain.

You will learn how to apply your brain knowledge in your daily life. You will also learn how brain knowledge gives you an ‘unfair’ advantage over people who do not have brain knowledge, both privately and professionally. But above all, with this knowledge you can also help other people.

In this way, together we can make our world an even more beautiful place with fewer conflicts and quarrels and with more eye for our (mental) health and that of nature.

In this first part of the course we will take you with us to discover that success and happiness strongly depend on what you have learned from all your educators over the years.

But not only your educators play an important role in this, but also the social demands that are imposed on you unnoticed and unconsciously. When these family and social demands do not fit the biological functioning of your brain, it is quite logical that you run into unnecessary obstacles in life, which reduces your chances of success in life.

Let’s start this exciting journey of discovery and help you find the right answers.

We wish you a lot of fun with our neuroscience education!

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