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“Learn how to Activate Intrinsic Subconscious Driven Motivation and It Will Keep You Going Forever” 

– Eddie Tjon Fo –

Dear SparkWise Institute Course Member,

When we choose Affiliate Marketing as the distribution model for our Blended Documentary Learning Video Course, we decided on two things:

  1. We resolved that our total program would be easy to participate in, simple to understand within 10 minutes and with a low startup fee, so anyone can do it.
  2. Second, we committed to providing people with the tools and skill training they need to be structurally successful in all aspects of life.

Based on these two principles, we have developed a business opportunity that is lucrative, fair and rewards smart and hard work. Our focus is on building a global company that is based on personal development, positive relationships and integrity. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our neuroscientific opportunity with everyone and provide an equal setting in which anyone can prosper. Our collective future depends on each individual course member understanding that possibilities and opportunities exist everywhere. As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our course members operating as a global team. We will not accept religion, cultural, skin color or language barriers.

I would like to personally welcome you to SparkWise Institute and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that we have to offer. We look forward to building a better future with you.

SparkWise Institute

Eddie Tjon Fo – CEO –


It’s Your Life. What Will You Make of it?

Are You Living To Work or Working to Live?

Some people live simply to work… their lives revolve around earning a paycheck so that they can meet bills and get out of bed again to work the next day… and pay more bills. Others work so that they can live and gain more inner balance. The fruits of their labor are the time, freedom and money to enjoy life outside of work.

Which group do you fall into? If you would prefer to be in the latter group, SparkWise Institute is your solution. We believe that knowing thyself, working smart and consistent instead of hard provides you with the time, freedom and money you need to enjoy life. We offer you the opportunity to reach that plateau by allowing you to tap your potential.

As a fulltime or part-time SparkWise Institute independent Course Member, you can:

  • Earn what you’re worth
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Work from home, the boat, garden, holiday address…wherever
  • Help people to become the better version of themselves
  • Live better, more financially rewarding lives

Sparkwise Institute Success Stories

Read About how SparkWise Institute has Helped Others

Our Independent Course Members have changed their lives and the lives of others around the world through the SparkWise Institute business opportunity. And you can too!

SparkWise Institute offers:

  • A generous rewarding affiliate marketing plan
  • Brain knowledge content all humans want and need
  • A proven business model that works

Read below to find out what our Independent Course Member Representatives are saying about SparkWise Institute:

More Ways to Get Paid

The SparkWise Institute provides our Distributor’s with more ways to generate an income.  We have set the industry standard, that’s why we are so effective. Now you can you focus on retailing our products and services and helping others live the lifestyle they deserve. With SparkWise Institute there is something here for everyone.

What SparkWise Institute Can Offer?

Personal growth. Structural emotional balance. Financial independence, freedom of time, complete control over how you spend each day of your life… these are goals you can achieve through the SparkWise Institute’s Blended Documentary Learning Video Course.

Whether you want the chance to earn a little extra income to help pay your bills or you want to build a career through a solid home based business, SparkWise Institute can help. We allow you to be your own boss and provide you with the Affiliate Marketing plan that you need to meet your goals.

As a SparkWise Institute Course Member, you will enjoy the:

  • Tax advantages of business ownership
  • Flexibility to set your own work hours with the freedom to work when you choose
  • Extra quality time with your family
  • Additional time to explore your own favorite pursuits
  • Satisfaction that comes with helping others improve their lives 

Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Plan
Make money by just asking people how they feel about Personal Development. Are you looking for short term earning potential or the security of long term residual income? Great! Our Affiliate Marketing plan was built to provide both.

Training and Support
From company events all over the Globe through personal support, our Course Members are put in a position to succeed with our superlative training tools. Our corporate team is committed to your success. With SparkWise Institute, you will find the team support and training you’re need to reach your personal goals.

World Class Learning Services
You will be representing an unique and value laden Blended Documentary Learning Video Course that delivers instant output and results you will be proud of.

  • A Fast-Start Affiliate commission of 30% and tutorial video’s how to get started. Including online longlist of prospects. Video archive to help you build personal neuroscientific knowledge about the working of your brain. Audiotapes to listen to in the car. Software to carry your marketing efforts. Use of our database system to keep track of your front-line team. The use of tools to make a 5, 6, and 7 figure income.
  • #1: You’ll be in the #1 company of Internet Marketing with over 100.000 members. You will have access to all their strategies used to make 5, 6 and 7 figure incomes online.
  • #2: You’ll make money despite your lack of knowledge about the working of the brain and the Affiliate Marketing industry by simply following the step-by-step lead of various experts that share their knowledge and marketing strategies.
  • #3: You get a clever shortcut to success by not having to do everything and figure everything out by yourself. We will provide you with the right tools.
  • #4: You’ll have mentors that can show you the ropes 24/7.
  • #5: You can leverage what you learn to begin branding yourself on- and offline, which will help you attract others who view you as a leader/coach/mentor.
  • #6: You’ll be creating 4 income streams through personal development. 1. Direct Affiliate Commissions, 2. Indirect Affiliate commissions, 3. Team Bonus Income and 4. Leadership Bonus Income. Further many of you will become a coach, mentor or trainer teaching others to become the better version of themselves.

The personal, business benefits and possibilities of this program are endless. The key is getting started ASAP so you can tap into a network of professionals that want to see you succeed.

Additional Commissions

  • Team bonus 1, consists of the Group Volume you create
  • Team bonus 2
  • Team bonus 3
  • Leadership bonus 1
  • leadership bonus 2
  • Leadership bonus 3

We encourage you to work together with your front-line team instead of in competition with them. Please take the time to review our plan and learn how you can achieve your own personal goals through SparkWise Institute.

Navigate through our website and feel free to click on any of the links in order to learn more about the company, products, services and opportunity that is going to help you positively shape your future and that of your loved ones.

SparkWise Products and Services

How we are making a difference in the lives of our Course Members

“Quality of life is never an accident, it’s the result of knowing yourself and executing the best version of yourself”

– Eddie Tjon Fo –

We constantly strive to create great content that is helping to become the better emotional and intelligent version of yourself, your health, your family’s health and the environment. We are confident our Course Members will share their personal experiences with each other.

Whether you are a knowledge seeker, a person interested in a new opportunity or a person curious about what we have to offer, this is a great way to experience firsthand what has made SparkWise Institute the #1 brand for over the past several years in personal growth.

Also, we love to hear from our Course Members from all over the World. If you’d like to provide us with new ideas for content, or like to feedback regarding our existing products, please let us know.

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